Less than a decade, caffeine – which people have been consuming for centuries – was under a cloud because research had suggested it might be associated with birth defects, some forms of cancer, cardiovascular disease, behavioral problems, central nervous system disorders, reproductive problems, and nonmalignant breast lumps (fibrocystic disease) in women, just to name some of the concerns.

Some people can consume substantial amounts of coffee without apparent ill effects. Others are quite sensitive to it.

Women world over are increasingly turning to medical intervention to get larger, fuller and firmer breasts. And considering the high costs and risks associated with surgical procedures, herbal and natural alternatives are fast becoming the favorite among the beauty conscious. Natural alternatives are herbal supplements, massages and exercises. They give the desired result without changing the feel or creating loss of feeling.

A healthy lifestyle must be adhered to while taking herbal pills to get the desired effect. Pills have to be taken correctly and consistently. Caffeine and smoking cigarettes render your breast enhancement pill ineffective or less effective. Hence avoid smoking and caffeine while taking herbal supplements.