If you decided that breast enhancement would be right for you think about a surgeon who you would rely upon. Start asking your friends or relatives, visit web-sites giving information on breast surgery, consult with your physician. You can probably look for alternative methods like herbal breast pills which turn out to be less expensive and much safer. Make a list of surgeons with positive recommendations and book appointments with the surgeons that you think are the best. Visit them and feel free to ask as many questions concerning breast surgery as you need to understand whether your choice is right or not. Besides, you may ask for the doctors’ credentials and check out the data with the medical board. This may help to reveal the facts of any irregularities or accusations connected with the surgeon.

One more issue to be discussed is the breast implants placement. Breast implants can be placed under the breast tissue or behind the chest (pectoral) muscle. The placement under the breast tissue is preferable in most cases due to the lower risk of rippling and hardening. However, this type of placement is considered to be more difficult than the placement under the breast tissue, though the latter involves a risk of hardening and rippling. Your surgeon should give you all the information you need to take a decision on the breast implants placement type.