One more step is to talk with a chosen specialist. He must inform you about all the possible after-effects of the breast enhancement operation. First of all think your implant size out. It is up to you and then describe the desirable size to the surgeon. It is necessary for him to understand what exactly corresponds to your needs to do his best. The good opportunity to explain it is to fill a poly bag with water and put it into the bra of the expectable size. It will help your surgeon to understand what you want. A shape and a slope are also to be discussed. You should tell about your preferences to the specialist.

Though breast enhancement surgery is supposed to be a secure and simple operation, it could cause some problems and complications. The most severe possible after-effect is a chance for getting the infection, for all such scenario is unusual. In this case the implant would be moved not to prevent curing. Another risks are of rupture and leaks in the implant shell, as well as induration of breast, slipping of an implant and possible bleeding. You may look for more information in breast enhancement forums.