There could be some reasons for any kind of breast implants tearing and getting down. The common reasons are: surgery operations and making holes with surgical instruments, wrong filling of the implant with saline (as for breast implants filled with saline), capsular contracture, wrinkling, closed capsulotomy, different stresses like maims or intensive physical procedures, inordinate pressure during the mammography session, placement through umbilical incision, breast wounds, and normal implant wearout. And there always exists a chance of the incidents that cannot be explained or understood.

Mentor’s clinical study of breast implants (that study dealt with saline-filled ones), approved that 9 percent for the 1264 patients who sought augmentation and 30 percent for the 416 reconstruction patients had the phenomenon of capsular contracture (Grade III and IV). McGhan’s clinical study’s results differed. Its conclusion (that study also dealt with breast implants filled with), was that 9 percent for the 901 patients who sought breast enhancement surgery and 25 percent for the 237 patients who sought reconstruction had the phenomenon of capsular contracture (Grade III and IV).