Quick weight loss leads to decreased elasticity of skin. The breast suffers from these changes more than other parts of the body. There is a special breast lifting procedure called mastopexy which helps to treat the sagging breast. The goal of this procedure is to raise the breast tissue and nipple, to make it more attractive and “uplifted”. It also helps to have suppler breast, like in the pre-weight loss period.

Each woman gets her own customized operation that fits her needs best. To reach the best outcome the doctors determine the amount of skin that needs to be removed from the breast. These factors usually determine the type of cut that is required. Some patients with larger weight losses need to have skin removed around the areola and the breast.

In some cases minimal invasions will be enough. It means that the operation will be reduced to the scar around the areola. But it is not usual for the most of the patients whose problems are connected with the weight loss. They suffer from the large amount of saggy skin. In the majority of cases patients feel pain during several days, but still they can return to work within a week or so, and other activities can be resumed after a couple of weeks.