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Breast Enhancement Surgery

Jun 12, 2016 Author: Jerry K | Filed under: breast surgery

Breast tissue comes first to suffer from weight reduction, losing a lot of its normally supple and full constitution and becoming sort of deflated and loose. This lost breast volume can be restored by breast enhancement surgery that implies placement of a breast implant.

Breast enhancement is performed for different reasons and it is a surgical operation. Some small incisions around the areola, along the breast fold and in some cases in underarm are done to perform it. There are two places where the implants can be located – underneath the breast/chest muscle and under the breast tissue. Many patients prefer the first variant due to the fact that it is considered to look more natural.

The operation does not require a patient to stay in the hospital, it does not last long (usually no longer than 2 hours). The anesthetic can be general or twilight, and oral drugs are used to relieve the pain after the operation. A patient can resume work in about a week.

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  • Breast Enhancement Surgery or Herbal Products?

    Aug 3, 2011 Author: Jerry K | Filed under: Breast Pills

    There are lucky females who are fully happy with the natural attractiveness of their breasts even when they are older or if they gave a birth to a baby. Numerous women are not happy with the form and dimension of their breasts even at younger age. This is natural that the appearance of breasts changes with time and sagging of bust looks not appealing at all. Time causes baggy breasts. Child bearing and breastfeeding also can dramatically change the shape, nature and size of breasts. Skin loses its suppleness with time and breasts sag ever more. For this reason more than 50,000 females have breast enlargement surgery annually, in accordance with the data, that was delivered by the ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery). There is no difficulty in any way – the procedure may last for one to three hours maximum. Despite some discomfort feelings throughout and after surgical procedure a typical lady can go to work and begin her daily routine in one week. But surgery is always a kind of risk; one can return attractiveness of breasts and their youth with herbal product. More and more females give their voice in favor of herbal products.

    The best example of such natural product, based on phytoestrogen, is breast pills. Phytoestrogen is a herbal estrogen; it makes prostaglandins work actively and enlarges breast glands. The benefit of breast enhancement pills is that they are affordable and available and can be purchased without medical advisement. Breast pills can assist in raising the level of estrogen and make the breast tissues stronger.

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